About Us

PIS (Personnel Information System) is a highly secured web based software for Police which maintains the personnel information (Service Record) of MP Police Employees in digital format. System is fully digitized which makes the working of Police easier and faster.

PIS system maintains all the important information related to the Police Personnel’s like Employees Personnel Detail, family Details, Property Details, Trainings attended, Postings, Promotions, Leaves, Inventory Details, Loans taken, Salary Details, GPF & DPF, Telephone Bills, Pension Details, Police House Allotment Details, Details regarding employees retirement and deaths, Demands, Deputation Details, Transfer Details, New Postings, Non-movable asset Details, Details of Gazetted & Non-gazetted Officers, Contingency Find, Scholarships, Suspended Pension case Details, Compensatory Appointment Details, Suspension & Terminated Officers Details, Departmental Enquiries Details.

PIS generates several outputs like Statistical & Analytical Reports, MIS Reports, Sanctions, Payments, Contingency Fund Sanction/ Rejections, Priority list of House Allotment, Area-wise list of Suspended Pension Cases, Departmental Officer Investigation Details, Investigation of Suspension Cases, Monthly Report of Suspension, Status of Promotion Committee.

PIS processes the entire data electronically without any manual intervention in a very user friendly manner. It is one stop portal for employees for all information related to their service with the department through a single logon. The system has highly secured with authentication at multiple levels. Employees can access their personnel records from anywhere over the internet. With SMS and email integration at every level in the system the employees is updated of all the activities related to his/her record. This makes the functioning of M.P Police Administration Branch easier and automated.